Happiness does not always mean “more”–it can be achieved with “less”
– Paul Gill, Founder of Sonas

Fashion-abled Future?

What is a fashionable future – Lately, the fashion industry has come under the spotlight, mostly for the wrong reasons. We believe that this information

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The Changemakers

  At Sonas, we like to talk about people with entrepreneurial talent and their relentless passion to create sustainable and positive.  We admire them and

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Knitting For Empowerment

  The Knitting project was established who is another great Social Enterprise. Cambodia Knits (CK) is a social enterprise working with marginalized communities in and near Phnom

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Cambodian Craft Village

We established Cambodian Craft Village because we saw the amazing rebirth Cambodia is experiencing, and wanted to create a socially responsible marketplace to bring Khmer culture and

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