Workshops / Programs

Encouraging Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) through cross-field collaboration

Leadership Through Immersion

Social Entrepreneurship Development Workshop (3 day)

The Sonas Leadership Through Immersion programme is inspired by the personal transformational experience of the founders. At Sonas, we believe that engaging in real life situations such as extreme poverty and the personal experience of these challenges can help shift the perspective and encourage a new type of leadership that looks beyond traditional boundaries.The skills developed through the programme can help future leaders understand and deal with societal changes and challenges more effectively, which are central to creating value in the wider world.

The programme consists of preparation work and a one week immersion in a real life social business project in Cambodia. The future leaders are challenged to develop new business opportunities by quickly adapting to unfamiliar markets and conditions. They then launch a social business that can create scalable and sustainable social impact in the community without the external future help. Key aspects of this project include –  Encouraging ‘outside the box’ thinking through cross-field collaboration – An action learning programme which develops personal and organisational leadership skills – Valuable insight into collaborating with various stakeholders on a global scale including future markets and customers.

Sonas Talent Excellence Program (STEP)

STEP is a leadership development program for laying the foundations for our Sustainable Community Development (SCD) initiatives. The research shows that progress of a developing nation can only be made and sustained by their own talented and enterprising local people, not by foreign intervention and inexperienced volunteers.

Therefore, we believe that it is important to invest in personal development of aspiring young future leaders who can become part of our family of impact-makers for developing sustainable communities around the world. 

STEP’s purpose is to expand our community of local impact-makers who can work as an eco-system to promote progress and help build sustainable communities. And, they can become the role model for others to create a multiplier effect.

Our goal is to have community of 1000 impact-makers around the world by 2030

Pay it forward scholarship

STEP scholarship aims to financially support the youth who have shown the greatest level of leadership potential and have the highest need for funding to complete at least their first degree in higher education. A very high number of youth in Cambodia demonstrate great leadership potential and also require financial support for their university education. Although there are many funding options, these are however very exclusive, because it involves a complex application process and selection criteria and only support the candidates who might not need that assistance to succeed in their life.

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