The Village

“The Village” is located 71 km south of the Capital city of Phnom Penh, halfway to the popular destination known as Kampot and Kep on the south coast of Cambodia.

The project was established in collaboration with the Meas family who have been actively involved in the community improvement efforts for generations, especially after the fall of the Khmer Rouge.

The Model Village

The village of Prey Theeat is a model village that inspires the cottage industry and is a self-sustaining village that produces high-quality handcrafted consumer accessories that has become known for its origin. This practice is intended to create work for the entire village population and spread the idea across Cambodia.
Our approach has been based on Gandhi’s principles of “be the change”, and in order to do it effectively, we believe that we must learn and listen to the local people.

The Homestay is open to Visitors

We would like to welcome you to stay at our Cambodian Homestay. We believe that the best way to learn about the social impact of our projects and to get involved in it is to immerse yourself in our world.
The Meas Family Homestay has provided guest services for locals as well as tourists from around the world since 1999. In that time they have housed individuals and larger tour groups, through tour companies like Pacific Discovery, ranging in ages from high school to retired. The Meas Family Homestay has two families living within our compound consisting of two large Khmer wooden houses and 7 bungalows for guests, which faces the lily pond, open rice fields and has a wonderful view of the sunset.

The Homestay offers a true Authentic Cambodian experience by living right on the village premises.

  • Experience life in a self contained sustainable ecosystem 
  • Eat fresh organic farm-to-table meals cooked straight from the open kitchen
  • Learn about organic farming, Cambodian cooking, product making (handmade scarves, soaps, essential oils, crafts, etc.) through our various workshops
  • See first hand how Cambodian Villagers live a simple, peaceful, productive and fulfilled lifestyle 
At the village, you will be able to visit the projects we are working on and get an opportunity to share and exchange the knowledge that can have a lasting mutual impact. You will find out how each step in making these products impact multiple families through micro-entrepreneurship.
We are a strong ambassador of the responsible tourism and for that reason, we do not support short term/unskilled volunteerism, however, we do welcome professionals who want to immerse themselves in our world and believe in co-creating solutions that are led by the local village people.
Cambodian Weaving Village
CWV trains the village women for making handwoven fabric using natural plant dyes and locally sourced materials. The project was established in 2013 in collaboration with Siphen Meas who was our first local changemaker who led the team of 6 women who became the role models and mentors for other women in the village.
This became the foundation for other initiatives and has been an empowering experience for everyone. The workshop produces fabric and accessories that are sold in over 12 countries around the world including Cambodia. We have used vertical integration to scale us and we are now growing organic wild cotton, dye it using plant-based dyes and recycle the waste from the tailoring partners.
Taeko trains women to produce homemade health and well-being products using superfruits and herbs that are grown in the village. The product includes virgin coconut oil, herbal teas, and superfood products. The project now supports more than 10 village entrepreneurs who hand make these products and are part of the local supply chain of raw materials such as coconuts, mangoes, black pepper, and many other herbs.
Grow It Yourself

GIY was started in collaboration with GIY International and the purpose of inspiring communities to grow their own food, practice sustainable micro-farming Permaculture, and Biodynamic techniques. We started with 5 families who were trained for various techniques to create micro permaculture farms at their own backyard. GIY is a key part of the supply chain for the weaving and health and wellbeing products. We are now starting to grow our own organic cotton that will be handspun and naturally dyed at the village.

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