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Motivating Economic Changes
Weaving Innovation & Creativity
Cultivating sustainable resources
Building Entrepreneurship

Sonas is a social  business that engages the expertise of professionals to co-create self sustaining, self supporting and empowered communities who will then be able to teach and inspire each-other to create a multiplier effect.

An innovative self-driving model

The 4 Pillars of Community Sustainability Achievement

Economic Development

Entrepreneurship as a tool

Health & Well-being

of the family - Mind, Body and Spirit

Improved Living Conditions

Places to live and grow

talent development

investing in our future leaders and their initiatives.


Organic Farming

Natural Beauty

Research shows that charity and aid is not sustainable, in fact one of the root causes of disempowerment that keeps people stuck in the poverty mindset for generations.

Experience Our

"Happiness Leads to "

The Meaning of Sonas


We believe in the power of mentorship & co-creation as it has a tremendous ability to create a multiplier effect that is self perpetuating, mutually empowering and impactful.

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