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Encouraging ‘outside the box’ thinking through cross-field collaboration
Social Entrepreneurial Development Workshop (3 day)
– Ambassador – cultivating awareness
The Sonas Leadership Through Immersion programme is inspired by the personal transformational experience of the founders. At Sonas, we believe that engaging in real life situations such as extreme poverty and the personal experience of these challenges can help shift the perspective and encourage a new type of leadership that looks beyond traditional boundaries.The skills developed through the programme can help future leaders understand and deal with societal changes and challenges more effectively, which are central to creating value in the wider world.

The programme consists of preparation work and a one week immersion in a real life social business project in Cambodia. The future leaders are challenged to develop new business opportunities by quickly adapting to unfamiliar markets and conditions. They then launch a social business that can create scalable and sustainable social impact in the community without the external future help. Key aspects of this project include –  Encouraging ‘outside the box’ thinking through cross-field collaboration – An action learning programme which develops personal and organisational leadership skills – Valuable insight into collaborating with various stakeholders on a global scale including future markets and customers.

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