GIY Cambodia

  Grow It Yourself was launched in collaboration with GIY International. GIY Cambodia is a community of micro farmers who grow cash generating super fruits and herbs such as coconut, mango, lime, lemongrass etc. which are used for making the Dai Khmer health and wellbeing products. GIY is supporting 12 entrepreneurs and impacting the lives …

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Dai Khmer

Dai Khmer ( meaning Cambodian Handmade) was co founded with a Khmer young entrepreneur Vichka in late 2014 with the support from our friends Nathan and Leonie Evans who raised the investment by dedicating their wedding gift money to the project. Dai Khmer became sustainable within first year and now directly impacts the lives of …

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Weavers Project

The first weaving project which was established in June 2013 in Takeo, Cambodia with the support from 30 friends and it reached sustainability by Dec 2013, well ahead of the initial forecasted period. The weaving village now produces over 500 cotton scarves each month, most of which are sold to international tourists who visit the …

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